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Venus Williams’ Bootyful French Open Wardrobe Malfunction: Lacy Dress (Photos)

Baby Got Back!

Photo of Tennis Player Venus Williams Underwear - French Open
Tennis star Venus Williams, who wore a revealing lacy black and red outfit for the French Open, had a major wardrobe malfunction during the game, somewhat. The outfit looked to be flesh-color underwear and did a good job of showcasing that wonderful ass(et) of hers.

Her choice of outfit for the French Open has caused quit a stir among tennis players and fans. Some are saying that her outfit was inappropriate for such an event, but who really cares from the male point-of-view — and maybe some women?

Who wouldn’t want to see Venus’ moon? Right?

I personally think it was the highlight of the game. By the way, Venus beat out the competition Patty Schnyder with 6-3.

What are your opinions?

Pictures of Venus Williams’ French Open Lacy Dress, Wardrobe Malfunction

Photo of Tennis Player Venus Williams Underwear - French Open Photo - Venus Williams Wears Flesh-colored Underwear at French Open

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