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Rapper Wale Homophobic?! Cancels DC Black Gay Pride Performance; Rapper Responds


Photo of rap artist Wale
Rapper Wale has backed out of an agreement to perform at a D.C. show on May 30 because he didn’t know that he would be performing for Black Gay Pride members.

Board member and spokesperson for Black Pride, Earl Fowlkes, says that he had received two emails from Wale’s agent. In one of the emails, Wale had to cancel the performance due to family matters, and the second email stated that Wale didn’t know the event was a gay one.

According to Fowlkes, they were clear about what type of event it is and they especially don’t want to put the artist or themselves in an uncomfortable situation by not telling what they are after doing it for 20 years.

“We’re Black Gay Pride,” says Fowlkes. “And the people coming out there are members of our community,” he added.

“We made that very clear.”

The group is considering legal action for breach of contract although Wale’s team has refunded the advance fee.

Fowlkes says that this was important for their 20th year and they wanted to break some new ground and they wanted a black male artist since they always have female artists.

“…we’ve never really had a male black heterosexual identified artist,” continues Fowlkes.

Jeffrey Richardson, president of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club and one of the local black LGBT leaders scheduled to be honored at this year’s Black Pride events, says that the cancellation was “pure homophobia on [Wale's] part.”

Wale took to his Twitter account to speak on the incident saying that when he was doing many things for the communities no one was speaking on his good deeds.

“When me and Flex was out in Trinidad doin the toy drive where was NBC? When me n Raheem did the toy drive in PG where was the news? The ppl ain’t dumb. I’m glad yall can see what’s goin on..propaganda at its finest…everything I’ve done for the communities. Never asked for no pub,” Wale posted.

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