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Memphis Man Beats 2 Yr-old To Death With Shoe For Making A Boo-Boo


A Memphis, Tennessee man is in custody after beating his girlfriend’s 2-year old daughter to death with a basketball shoe after the baby made a “boo-boo” on the floor.

A two-year old baby girl was beaten to death in Memphis after she ‘pooped’ on the floor while her mother’s boyfriend babysat her.

Two-year old Saniiyah Kuykendall was pronounced dead at her home on Redwood Court in the Hickory Hill region of Memphis, Tn. at 7:10 a.m. Saturday May 22nd.

Calvin Jones, Saniiyah’s mother’s live-in boyfriend who was babysitting the child, told police he had “disciplined” the child after she defecated on the floor of their apartment.

He then struck the child with a basketball shoe as well as his hand several times in order to punish her.

Jones is being charged with 1st degree murder and aggravated child abuse and the child’s mother, 21-year-old Anisha Alford, is also being charged with aggravated child abuse for not reporting her daughter’s condition.

According to the police report, the couple went to bed afterward and awoke around 7am to find the little girl dead.

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