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Hacker Says He Has Proof Solar Stole From Rapper Guru

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Solar has a monkey on his back that he can’t seem to shake off. Last week it was reported that someone hacked into Solar’s Twitter account as well as his AOL email account then made the private emails public by tweeting them.

The hacker, who calls himself ‘Renaldo,’ tapped into Solar’s personal life to try and expose him in the hopes of defending the late rapper Guru’s name. Guru born Keith Elam died of cancer on April 19th after slipping into a coma several weeks earlier, as covered on HipHopRX.com.

Solar is believed to have stole from Guru while he was comatose and ‘Renaldo’ allegedly has proof. According to ‘Renaldo,’ Solar allegedly sent EMI an email pretending to be Guru asking them to transfer $1,000 from Guru’s account to his.

Renaldo states Solar sent an email from Guru’s email account to EMI asking that 1k be transferred to his bank account to another bank account. Renaldo goes on to say that he’s got several bank records which indicate that he was stealing from Guru and documents which show that all royalties from EMI went to Solar’s record label, 7 Grand.

Though ‘Renaldo’ claims to have exposed Solar on a number of contradictions in the matter of Guru, the hacker has threatened to continue leaking more information about Solar’s inconsistencies.

Solar had not released a statement regarding ‘Renaldo’s’ discoveries at press time.

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