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Rapper Lil Wayne Gets Hit With Lawsuit Over Royalties For ‘A Milli’ Song

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Incarcerated rapper Lil’ Wayne is being hit with yet another lawsuit. This time over his 2007 hit single ‘A Milli.’ Producer Bangladesh is claiming that he was never paid for the production of the song.

Producer Shondrae ‘Bangladesh’ Crawford, is suing rapper Lil’ Wayne over unpaid royalties that he allegedly never received for his work on Wayne’s 2007 ‘A Milli’ single from the Carter III album.

Bangladesh is alleging that Cash Money Records owes him $500,000 and the only way he will get his money is if he sues them.

According to Bangladesh, the record label Cash Money doesn’t pay royalties and Lil Wayne’s 2008 Tha Carter II album is his biggest album more than likely due to the song ‘A Milli.’

“You have to sue these guys so that they pay up,” Bangladesh says.

Bangladesh goes on to say that Cash Money gets all the money from the album sales and to the point that there should be no reason why he’s not getting a royalty check from them because he receives checks from Sony for Beyonce Knowles and checks from a number of other labels and artists. “It just comes to you,” he says.

“You don’t have to call them, sue them and all that junk. This is what you’re owed,” Shondrae ‘Bangladesh’ Crawford added.

Bangladesh is known for producing hit singles for Ludacris, Lady GaGa, Usher and Gucci Mane to name a few.

In related news, Lil’ Wayne is also being sued by a Pennsylvania rapper Dirahn Gilliams, who is accusing Wayne of being inspired by his song ‘Grindin Like A Goon’ for his 2007 hit ‘Lollipop,’ as reported on HipHopRX.com.

Wayne is currently serving a 1 year sentence for gun possession.

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