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Caught on Tape: Rapper Eminem’s New Music Premiere For ‘Not Afraid’!


Rapper Eminem is currently shooting the music video for the first music single, ‘Not Afraid,’ off his new album ‘Recovery.’ As reported on HipHopRX.com, the new single and info leaked on the internet the end of last month.

Eminem first confirmed his new album was not a Relapse 2, a month ago, then later subliminally let everyone know of the new single for new album Recovery when he took to his Twitter account to say “I’m ‘Not Afraid,’ as reported on HipHopRX.com.

Have you heard ‘Not Afraid,’ Eminem’s first single from his new ‘Recovery’ album? Well get ready to see the video for it because Emimen aka Slim Shady is currently shooting the video for ‘Not Afraid’ in Newark, New Jersey.

Some lucky videographer caught a glimpse of some behind the scenes footage from the filming of the video.

‘Recovery’ is slated to hit stores June 22nd!

Check It Out!

Eminem Not Afraid Music Video Taping

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