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Former Cash Money Hip Hop Producer Mannie Fresh Signs New Group Sole Fresh


Former Cash Money super producer Mannie Fresh has signed a new group to his Chubby Boy imprint. Mannie’s new proteges, ‘Sole Fresh,’ consist of a pair of regular white kids from New Orleans.

Sole Fresh began their musical journey by developing a buzz in and around the city of New Orleans before running into Mannie Fresh.

Knoxx St. Peter, one half of Sole Fresh, told AllHipHop.com, “We just created some buzz in the city. We were opening for Drake, Knuxx and Tyga and Mannie is like the kingpin of New Orleans, like the Hip-Hop scene. He ended up signing us to his label.”

Sole Fresh says that Mannie took the pair to his studio in Houston and found they worked well together. The pair impressed Mannie so much that he signed them to his label ‘Chubby Boy Music.’

“Our sound is something different, its something new. What he really liked was we were just doing ourselves. He liked that we weren’t trying to be anybody. He appreciated the originality in the music. That kind of sparked his interest. We went from there,” says Leonardo “Nardo” Jonze, who is also in the group.

Sole Fresh’s style is said to be Hip-Hop mixed with a little bit of both Pop and Rock.

“We just do us and have a lot of fun while doing it,” Sole Fresh said in an interview.

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