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Rapper Lil Wayne Speaks On Dating Shanell, Getting Her Pregnant?!


Hip Hop rumors had it that Lil’ Wayne and Young Money artist Shanell were dating and that she was pregnant with his baby. Lil’ Wayne has responded and spoke about it in a recent interview.

Lil’ Wayne’s response to him dating Shanell and her being pregnant was simply “That’s a rumor!”

“No, it’s never been a personal thing… That’s my friend,” Wayne said adding that “Shanell is a great artist” and “a Young Money great artist.”

In regards to Shanell being pregnant by him, Wayne simply says “We’ve never had sex. How could she be pregnant from me?” adding that he doesn’t “understand how people’s brains work” but know that he’s “not afraid to tell you or nobody else.”

The rapper went on to say that the media simply feeds off rumors, while Shanell herself says that “Basically it came from a corny rumor that escalated.”

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