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‘Pretty Wild’ star Tess Taylor Caught Nude, Topless With Drugs (Photos)


Photo of Tess Taylor modeling picture
Nude photos of ‘Pretty Wild’ star Tess Taylor have surfaced on the internet. In the photos, Tess Taylor is seen topless while holding a giant weed bong. ‘I was high when I took those photos,’ Taylor really didn’t say that.

The 22 year old reality TV star is reported to be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. So why in the world would you take pictures of yourself naked, holding a giant bong knowing Hef don’t play that? Off, this was apparently before Hef, hmmm.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s attorney sent the website, TheDirty who reportedly released the photos, a cease and desist letter to immediately remove the photos or else, threatening legal action against the website.

As of press time, TheDirty had refused to comply with the letter by saying, that Tess should tell her mother that legal threats do not scare him [Nik]. “You are one step above Lindsay Lohan in my book,” he stated. Being sarcastic, adding that Tess Taylor is a great role model in our society and glad kids that watch your show look up to trash like her.

Photo of Tess Taylor modeling picture Photo of model and reality star Tess Taylor

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