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Jesse James Obsessed With Nazi, Dad Larry James Claims


Jesse James Nazi photo
As if it couldn’t get any worse for Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James. His father, Larry James told on video camera to TMZ that his son was obsessed with everything Nazi and that Jesse had grown up having this fascination.

We’ve already seen photos of Jesse James wearing Nazi garb but we didn’t know the extent of this neo-obsession until now?!

It all started when Larry told little Jesse about Hitler and his Nazi campaign wanting to take over the world and well little Jesse held on to that into his adult hood, his dad claims.

In the video, Larry explains how an old friend who was a Nazi met his son Jesse and told him how perfect he looked for the master race, you know the people that Hitler was so obsessed with? The man then gave Larry some Nazi literature to give to Jesse to read, possibly resulting in his obsession, dad claims.

Check out the video of Jesse James’ dad Larry James claiming Jesse’s obsessed with Nazi!

Jesse James Nazi photo

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