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Chelsea Handler Sex Tape, Audition: Leaked Scandal?! (Photo)


Photo of Chelsea Handler Sex Tape
A sex tape of Chelsea Handler, the star of the late night comedy show, Chelsea Lately, was reported to be obtained by media with this photo leaked of it to the internet.

It seems as though late night star Chelsea Handler was already famous when she landed in Hollywood. Over ten years ago, Ms. Handler was the star of her very own sex tape in which she claims was a joke.

In the alleged sex tape obtained by RadarOnline.com, Chelsea is seen wearing her work uniform as she introduces herself to the camera before going into a stand up routine that quickly cuts to a bedroom scene where she is on all fours getting pounded from the back by a man with a British accent.

She is described to be fully nude, according to RadarOnline.

At the end of the sex ‘act,’ Chelsea’s male companion (who is also nude) speaks in a clear British accent, asking, “Did we get the (bleep) shot?” Chelsea then looks into the camera and smiles. At this point, the film abruptly cuts back to the stand up routine that was seen in the beginning of the tape.

Photo of Chelsea Handler Sex Tape

Chelsea fired back at the website on Wed. April 28th during the taping of Chelsea Lately.

Watch the video to see what Chelsea Handler had to say about her Chelsea Handler Sex Tape/Audition:

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