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RapeLay Game Controversy: Players Can Rape Women and Force Abortion! (Photos)


Photo of RapeLay Game
A new Japanease video game allows its players to rape women over and over again, impregnate them and then encourage them to have an abortion. WTH?!

Japan has always been ahead of the United States in gaming technology. Most of the video games we play here on PS3 or XBOX Live were created in Japan. But one game that may not be sold in the United States is RapeLay.

The game starts out following a somewhat innocent looking girl, her sister and her mother into a subway train and allowing the player to grope, and even rape the women. RapeLay is a Japanese video game that has women’s rights groups infuriated. The game’s plot is to stalk, rape, impregnate then force the women to have an abortion

Check Out What CNN Has Found Out About RapeLay!

Rape Video game controversy

Rape Video game pictures

Photo of RapeLay Game Photos of RapeLay Video Game

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