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Scott Storch’s Mom Busts Producer Out, Says He Offers No Family Support


Joyce Yolanda Storch, the mother of Hip-Hop producer Scott Storch, is busting her son’s bubble by saying that the producer is not supportive of the family.

Due to numerous lawsuits, judgments, and a bankruptcy filing, Scott Storch is as apparently broke as an abandoned bank yet his mother Yolanda Storch feels as though her son should have offered the family some financial support versus what he had done.

“Scott always told me he had plans to do certain things for the family,” says Yolanda.

Momma Storch figured things had “got bad before he got around to it,” but felt like she should’ve been taken care of like other Hip-Hop artists’ mothers, that she heard about, have been taken care of.

“I read about all these other rappers’ mothers — P. Diddy’s mother, Kanye West’s mother, Jay-Z’s mother. Their sons all took care of them.

Scott Storch was, at one point, one of Hip-Hop’s reigning super producers until he fell victim to cocaine addiction and lost everything he owned.

Storch is reportedly now in the studio with Dr. Dre and Big Boi of Outkast working on their upcoming projects and rebuilding up his career.

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