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Hip Hop Girlfriends Uncensored! ‘Diary of a Hip-Hop Girlfriend’ Coming to VH1?


Well this may not be all the way uncensored?! The VH1 network is reportedly about to kick off it’s new 8-part reality TV series show, ‘Diary of a Hip-Hop Girlfriend’ which will apparently follow four women who share a common bond: they all understand the joys and pains of being in love with a rap star.

The reality television show reportedly will aim to not just focus on the glamorous lifestyle of a hip hop girlfriend — the bling, Bentleys and mansions — but will also takes audiences behind closed doors as the ‘hip hop girlfriends’ deal with the shifting lives of their rap star boyfriends, baby-mama drama and more as they attempt to “navigate their relationships with the men they love.”

The cast for the new show hasn’t been announced but it won’t take VH1 long to find some perfect Hip-Hop couples for the show.

Any suggestions?

‘Diary of a Hip-Hop Girlfriend’ is reported to be coming soon to your TV’s later this year.

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