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Sandra Bullock Keeps Secret Diary Of Jesse James’ Mistress Encounters


Ever since Sandra Bullock heard about her husband Jesse James cheating, she has allegedly kept a diary of what she learns from his infidelities.

Many will say that Sandra Bullock is chronicling her embarrassment and feelings about Jesse’s sex addiction.

Have we thought that Bullock may be keeping a diary so that she can write a book about how she was humiliated and how her reputation was tainted and personal life plastered because her husband had affairs with at least five women since the couple married over 5 years ago?

A source close to the Oscar winning actress says that she is chronicling her emotions to help her pull through claiming that Bullock is “experiencing everything from complete shock to grief to incredible anger and humiliation.”

The source adds that Bullock cannot believe she feel for a quote “monster” and “the diary is allowing her to vent all her emotions.”

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