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Kitty Kelley Book Exposes Naughty Oprah Winfrey and John Tesh Affair! Details


‘Oprah: A Biography’ is a book that was written by author Kitty Kelley in the hopes of exposing Oprah’s deepest darkest secrets that she has hidden from the public for so long.

Kitty Kelley interviewed 850 authors who have written about Oprah and former insiders of the TV queen including her cousin Katharine Esters and father Vernon Winfrey. Shall we get to the secrets?

One of the biggest revelations in the book was finding out who Oprah’s biological father really was. It wasn’t Vernon Winfrey if that’s what you’re thinking. Though Kelley knows the identity of Oprah’s real father she was sworn to secrecy by Oprah’s cousin Katharine Esters.

“I spent 3 days with Ester and over that time she told me who Opra’s real father was and swore me to secrecy. So here i am writing a book about a secret keeper and i get pulled in and i keep a secret myself,” says Kelley.

The book also reveals that Oprah has been engaged to Stedman Graham since 1992 and to this day hasn’t married him and that she may have had an affair with her best friend Gayle King.

Oprah, a bi-sexual? Hmmm. Kelley reveals that Oprah is seen in public far more often with Gayle than she is with her fiance’ and the fact that the couple aren’t married after being engaged for so long makes you wonder.

Kelley also writes that Oprah once lived with and dated the former Entertainment Tonight host John Tesh. Tesh told the NY Daily News on Monday that the two dated for a short time nearly 40 years ago but failed to comment on if the two lived together.

Kitty Kelley’s book ‘Oprah: a Biography’ hit book stores on Tuesday.

Oprah: A Biography Book by Kitty Kelley

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