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Hugh Hefner Says No to Kate Gosselin Playboy Pictures ‘She’s No Celebrity!’


Kate Gosselin beach bikini photo
Though milf-material, celebrity mom and reality TV star Kate Gosselin has been in the news as much as many celebrities and is dominating on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Hugh Hefner refuses to say she could pose for his magazine – Playboy!

Kate Gosselin has graced several magazines but she will not be gracing the cover of Playboy anytime soon. E! Online reached out to Hugh Hefner for a comment on the possibility of Kate posing for his magazine.

“No! No,” says Hef, adding, “I dont think she’s a celebrity.”

Meanwhile Playgirl has reached out to Jon Gosselin offering him a spread in the mag. They will pay him $20,000 and $10,000 for every inch over four. Hmmmm.

Jon better jump on that!

Kate Gosselin beach bikini photo

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