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Lil Wayne’s New Job In Jail: Protecting Suicidal Inmates? Ex-Wife Toya Denies!


Rapper Lil’ Wayne allegedly landed his first job in the slammer as a watchman for the possible suicidal inmates. The details get even juicier.

We all know Lil’ Wayne is super talented and there isn’t much that he can’t do, but who would have thought of him as being in charge of making sure his fellow inmates don’t kill themselves?!

Allegedly Wayne’s ex-wife, Toya Johnson Carter, co-star next to T.I.’s fiance’ Tiny on BET’s ‘Tiny And Toya’, Lil’ Wayne is reportedly liking his new job at Rikers Island Correctional — making sure other inmates do not kill themselves during their stay at Rikers.

Antonia ‘Toya’ Carter has denied that she stated that Lil Wayne is a suicidal watchman. US Magazine claims that she stated that Lil Wayne watches the crazy prisoners and makes sure that they don’t kill the themselves. The statement went on to say that Lil Wayne likes the job even though they don’t pay him much.

If it is true that Lil Wayne is a suicidal watchman, he can now add it to his resume! Hmmm..

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