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Jesse James’ Mistress Michelle McGee To Sandra Bullock: ‘I’m Sorry’


Photo of Michelle McGee
Well Jesse James isn’t the only person apologizing to Sandra Bullock over his infidelities, the ‘Bombshell’ Michelle McGee has offered her own apology to Bullock. Read on for details….

Jesse James mistress Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee offer’s Sandra Bullock an apology on Australia’s ‘Today Tonight’ show on Monday.

The tatted up Michelle McGee who’s been blamed for the break-up of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James marriage and who has also been linked to Nazi’s due to photos, as covered on HipHopRX.com, says that she feels bad for actress Sandra Bullock and that she knows what Sandra Bullock is going through.

Michelle McGee goes on to say that she’s sorry and sorry for Sandra Bullock’s embarrassment. Is she kidding?

“I’m sorry all of this is public,” says Michelle McGee.

But get this, Michelle McGee also showed the host of the show a text sent by Jesse James just days after Bullock’s tearful acceptance speech at the Oscar’s for her role in the movie “Blind Side.”

It reads: “I’m just sitting here thinking of you. How are you?”

Do you think Michelle means her apology to Sandra Bullock?

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