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Jesse James Got Mistress Pregnant?! Doesn’t Want Sandra Bullock Divorce?


Photo of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
The Jesse James scandal is heating up, hotter than before! We’ve just learned that James may have checked himself into sex rehab, to deal with his “personal issues” to keep his family together, as reported on HipHopRX.com. James is now being accused of getting one of his now alleged 7 mistresses pregnant! This comes as he’s attempting to save his marriage with the beautiful Sandra Bullock who may possibly be moving out and filing for divorce from her alleged cheating husband.

Yes, Jesse James’ mistress count is up to 7 and allegedly James never used protection with them since cheating on his wife Sandra Bullock (possibly soon-to-be ex-wife) 5 years ago.

Reportedly James got one of his mistresses pregnant and he may in fact have known about it but failed to tell his Wife, Sandra Bullock, after she learned of his alleged affairs. No one knows the identity of the mistress but sources tell Radar Online that she did not keep it. It is unclear if she had a miscarriage, an abortion, or gave it up for adoption.

Though James has checked into rehab, Bullock has apparently made it very clear to him that she wants a divorce.

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