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Clash of The Titans Movie Remake or Retry?!


Clash of The Titans Poster
Everyone was expecting the effect of Percy Jackson & The Olympians’ when Clash of The Titans released in movie theaters on Friday starring Sam Worthington, however, moviegoers who have seen the original Clash of The Titans movie were seemingly left pondering.

Everyone must admit that the graphics were pretty good in the Clash of The Titans remake but nothing compared to Avatar as far as 3D goes. As far as the storyline for this remake movie, it seemed to have been changed alot from the original. At times, the movie left questions as if the director and screenwriter wanted to keep the movie’s authenticity. In addition, throughout the movie there were also a few moments in the film where Perseus’ spoke with words of this era, such as his “b*tch” line, which may have just been added for fun.

What may have overdosed this movie, was the storyline which somewhat didn’t stick to the original. In the remake, Perseus left Andromeda after rescuing her from the Kranken (sea monster), which was somewhat unlike the original. IN addition, there was a misplacement of Bubo — Bubo the mechanical owl did make a cameo from what is believed to have been a chest in the Clash of The Titans remake film as they prepared to leave the castle, however, Bubo didn’t lead Perseus to the Stygian Witches (3 blind witches) to find out how to kill the Kraken which was with the head of Medusa.

Medusa’s character was surely pumped, but did her stone turning eyes carry the part?

If you have never seen the original Clash of The Titans, one would assume you would say the remake was great, especially teens. But since many know the original movie, the remake may have been somewhat average with a few exciting moments in comparison to the original.

Does Clash of The Titans make your list of movies to watch? Go out and see to find out.

‘Clash of the Titans’ Trailer HD

Clash of The Titans Poster Photo of Clash of The Titans Sam Worthington as Perseus Photo of Clash of The Titans Natalia Vodianova as Medusa
Photo of Clash of The Titans Liam Neeson as Zeus Photo of Clash of The Titans Gemma Arterton as Io

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