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Ex-NFL Star Warren Sapp Catches A Break In Assault and Battery Case!


Former NFL star Warren Sapp, born Warren Harrison Sapp, 37, will not be facing charges of allegedly beating a woman in his Miami hotel room on Feb. 6th due to lack of evidence and inconsistencies in the victim’s report.

Warren Sapp will not be prosecuted in this case because the woman who claims Sapp beat her had too many inconsistencies in her testimony. The Florida State Attorney’s Office has announced that “the State cannot file charges due to the totality of the evidence and inconsistencies with the victim testimony and the physical evidence gathered during the investigation.”

The victim told Miami police that Sapp became violent with her because she would not leave his hotel room on February 6th and that Sapp beat her to the point she could “barely walk” and that she asked an “anonymous man” to help her out of the hotel.

Inconsistencies in her story and video surveillance cameras from the hotel shows that the woman walked out of the hotel on her own and seemed to be walking just fine.

Prosecutors could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sapp in fact beat her and were unable to convict him.

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