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Sandra Bullock To Divorce Jesse James? Changes Her Facebook Status To Single!


Photo of Sandra Bullock and Jesse Gregory James
Since Sandra Bullock husband Jesse James (Jesse Gregory James) was revealed to have gotten twisted up in an alleged affair with tattooed up model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, things are beginning to fall apart it seems. This personal but shocking extramarital affair was just made publicly weeks after Bullock won her Academy Award for the movie Blind Side.

Already it seems that Sandra Bullock has already changed the status of relationship on her social networking account on Facebook from married to single. So what does this mean? Possibly the two could be heading for divorce or Sandra Bullock needs some time off from Jesse James to rethink if she wants to be in a relationship with someone who would cheat on her. Jesse James is already getting called out about his behavior from the likes of Betty White and others questioning how could he have done such a thing to Bullock.

On Saturday, the actress’ status read that she is thankful for all the kinds words which were left for her over the past few days. Sandra Bullock went on to call herself a lucky girl after saying thanks to all of the lovely people that she called her friends.

Sandra Bullock has been married for almost 5 years to motorcycle builder and Monster Garage host Jesse James and reportedly treated his daughter Sunny James like her own whom she fought for with her husband in a custody battle with his second wife, porn star Janine Lindemulder.

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