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Mike Tyson Animal Planet Reality Show Under Investigation For Illegal Gambling


As reported on HipHopRX.com, Iron Mike Tyson and Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet have teamed up for a reality show about Mike’s first love: Pigeons! Now the network and Tyson are targeted for an investigation for allegedly taking bets to see who’s bird can fly the fastest, apparently due to a letter written from PETA to the the DA’s office of Brooklyn.

‘Taking On Tyson’ focuses on pigeon racing as he competes with top pigeon racers in his city. Mike Tyson is focusing on becoming a top “bird man” in the class of pigeon racers.

The Brooklyn District Attorney received a letter from PETA claiming the production violates New York’s gambling laws. According to New York’s gambling laws, no one is to profit off of animal racing.

TMZ is reporting that investigators are currently looking into the claims meanwhile Animal Planet says there will be no gambling on the show.

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