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Walmart ‘All Black People Leave’ Shocker: 16yr Old Arrested In MySpace Sweep!


Authorities in southern New Jersey say they have arrested a 16 year old boy in connection to the Wal-Mart announcement that shocked it’s customers earlier this week.

Police made the arrest in the racist Wal-Mart announcement where someone activated a public-address system in a Washington Township Wal-Mart and ordered “all black people to leave.” The boy, whose name was not revealed because he is a minor, was arrested and charged with bias and intimidation and harassment.

As a result of the “all black people to leave” announcement, some black people actually abandoned their baskets and left the store. The manager apologized over the p.a. system soon after but the damage was already done.

After receiving a tip about the boy, police searched Facebook, Myspace and Youtube and found postings of kids bragging about the incident that led to the boy’s arrest.

“We got lucky,” Chief Muñiz said in a statement.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. released a statement regarding the incident, apologizing to “customers and associates who had to listen to something so offensive” adding that they were “appalled” by the incident and was “amazed that anyone could be so backward and mean-spirited in this day and age.”

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