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Lady Gaga Sued By Ex-boyfriend, Producer Rob Fusari For 30 Mil, She Sues Back! + Photos


Picture of Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari
Lady Gaga’s former boyfriend, producer and business partner Rob Fusari (Will Smith – Wild Wild West, Destiny Child’s Bootylicious, and Whitney Houston – Love That Man) filed a lawsuit for $30.5 million dollars against her and states that he helped guide her music career, gave her the stage name Lady Gaga, her style and more. Reportedly the suit came after Lady Gaga wouldn’t return his calls, but other sources say it’s over royalty fees, getting a case of the I’m famous bug, plus more.

Although the couple’s relationship is stated to have went sour after some business hanky panky, it didn’t prevent him from not contributing to her debut chart topping album “The Fame” in which he wrote and co-produced four tracks including the hit song “Paparazzi.” Fusari also became a partner in their company Team Love Child which formed in 2006 with her father (through their company Mermaid Music) to promote the singer.

According to Fusari, in 2006 he began working with Lady Gaga born Stefani Germanotta and states in the lawsuit that Lady Gaga didn’t actually have the look he was looking for which was a grunge-rocker, but after getting the singer to play solo on the piano in his studio, he says he saw some star potential in the young Italian girl.

Over the course of several months of working with Lady Gaga who commuted from New York to New Jersey 7 days a week, Rob Fusari claims he put a lot work into helping make her transformation. Fusari says they put the focus on the music, finding a sound for her and that he convinced her to drop rock riffs and go for the dance beats which she is now famous for.

As for Lady Gaga’s name, Rob Fusari says the name was created by accident when he was texting and the spellchecker corrected Radio Gaga (which is named after a Queen’s song) to “Lady Gaga.” The text reportedly said, “Germanotta loved it, and Lady Gaga was born…”

Fusari also states that he helped her get her record deal.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga’s attorney Charles Ortner calls the lawsuit unlawful and says that the business was so structured where it masked its true purpose. Attorney Ortner also says that the company violated statutes such as charging Lady Gaga an unlawful fee for purported services as well as portraying as employment agents (talent agent) without a license.

Revealed on today, Lady Gaga returned with a counter-suit claiming that Fusari tricked her into an “unlawful” contract.

The contract is stated to have been for 20 percent from her companies as well as a portion of her merchandising and revenue.

Picture of Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari Picture of Lady Gaga before she was famous

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