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Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob Kardashian and Rev Run’s Angela Simmons Dating?!


Photo of Rob Kardashian and Angela Simmons
There’s an alleged rumor brewing that’s linking Keeping Up With The Kardashians brother, Robert ‘Rob’ Kardashian to legendary hip-hop artist Reverend Run’s daughter and MTV reality star Angela Simmons (Run’s House and Daddy’s Girls).

The two were said to be an item after Rob Kardashian was seen partying it up with the Pastry footwear co-owner during his birthday party at Jet Nightclub in Vegas on last week. The two are stated to have been seen later on dining for dinner at Mirage’s Stack.

So the question is, is it actually true because it seems that some stories are conflicting because they’re either saying Angela Simmons or Vanessa Simmons.

Rob twitter’d that the media is crazy and he’s not dating Angela Simmons or her sister Vanessa Simmons and says they are both people he respect …. “real family and good people.”

To get her name out the mix, Vanessa Simmons twitter’d that she was going to hangout with her boyfriend Mike and not Rob Kardashian and that the press has everything mixed up.

Meanwhile, a report from People Magazine are stating that Rob Kardashian says that he will be the next to get married following behind the marriage of his sister Khloe Kardashian. But wait, he says he doesn’t have a girlfriend. So how will all this come into play??

This alleged rumor comes after Angela Simmons broke up with her Dallas-based producer, Skillz. The young socialite was also being linked back up with her ex-boyfriend rapper Bow Wow after the break-up with Skillz.

Do you think Rob Kardashian has a chance with Angela Simmons?

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