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Rapper DMX ‘Acts A Donkey’ In Courtroom After Judge Walks Out: Watch!


Rapper DMX
Rapper DMX born Earl Simmons, who appeared in court at a preliminary hearing for a probation violation, acted out after the judge left the courtroom.

A nervous DMX appeared in court after violating his probation. The judge read all his separate probation violations (theft, possession of narcotic drugs, animal cruelty, assault charge, possession of marijuana) and then left the courtroom. While DMX signed a few documents he began talking smack into the camera.

“You see the fair treatment going on. Only one in here. I’m the only one got arrested today! F–king c–ks-ckers do it every time man,” the rapper says.

The court clerk told him to be quiet as a frustrated DMX began venting at the camera saying that his rights get violated and he has to be quiet about it. “F–king b–ch man,” the rapper adds as he was told to go as authorities escorted him off to jail.

DMX will be held in jail with no bond until his hearing on March 16.

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