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Caught On Tape: Rapper 50 Cent’s Bodyguard Gets Into Fight With Paparazzi!


Rapper 50 Cent Bodyguard Fights With Paparazzi
50 Cent’s trip to Copenhagen, Denmark didn’t go as planned when paparazzi began taking photos of the star as he and his bodyguards stepped out of a hotel. One of 50′s bodyguards told the photogs to stop taking photos of their bossman. When they didn’t stop, he then began to get physical and handle the paparazzi. After chasing the photographers down a street, the bodyguard then broke into the photographer’s car and took their cameras.

The whole thing was caught on tape but where was 50?

Shorty after the incident the bodyguard was arrested for theft and assault on the photogs.

Nikoloj Vraar was one of two victims and he tells the press that he feared for his life.

“I feared for my life,” he says. “…he grabs my throat and tried to strangle me. He cut off my airway, and I couldn’t breathe,” he added while claiming the bodyguard took his camera and deleted the photos from it.

Vraar, who is editor-in-chief for MSN Starlounge says the bodyguard was arrested and that as soon as he is discharged from the hospital, he definitely would be going to the police station soon after.

“I will be going straight to the police station and complete whatever paperwork is necessary.”

Just before the attack on the photographers, the bodyguard apparently told paparazzi: “Danish law doesn’t apply to us here because we are Americans.”

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Rapper 50 Cent Bodyguard Fights With Paparazzi

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