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Behind The Scenes: Nicki Minaj Breaks Out The Box For Right On’s B.E.D.


Nicki Minaj plays dress-up with Right On! Mag for the debut of their newest project Black Entertainment Diaries (B.E.D.). Nicki Minaj did a photo shoot for an eight-page fashion spread where she will be wearing Barbie couture.

Black Entertainment Diaries is scheduled to go on sale March 9, 2010.

Think of the Black Entertainment Diaries (B.E.D.) as Right On!’s older, sassier and sexier sister. True to the brand’s motto, the B.E.D. will be “where gossip lies.” Part tabloid fodder, part chic fashion, entertainment and beauty bible, the B.E.D. will be like nothing else on the market, and with a hip commitment to featuring the biggest stars in the urban world, every month readers will have one question in mind: who’s in your B.E.D?

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