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Lil’ Wayne’s Sentencing Pushed Back Another Week!


It seems as though nothing can stop Lil’ Wayne, not even jail time, literally! Lil’ Wayne will have yet another week of freedom before being whisked off to prison!

While Lil’ Wayne was on a plane to New York on Monday, his attorney was already at the Manhatten courthouse where Wayne was to be hauled off to jail to serve a 1 year sentence for gun possession. Then luck strikes Wayne again! A fire broke out around 10 am in the basement of the courthouse and everyone was evacuated, as reported on HipHopRX.com. Thanks to that fire, Weezy’s sentencing date was postponed once again to Monday March 8th.

This comes after Wayne was scheduled to begin his sentence Feb. 9th but managed to get a few more weeks of freedom to undergo surgery on his teeth and was set to turn himself in on March 2nd and that’s when news of the fire at the courthouse surfaced.

You can rest assure Lil’ Wayne will use this time to continue making music and work to keep his name in the media when he is finally doing his time!

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