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Rapper Yung Berg Pistol Whipped, Robbed?! Responds To Robbery / Beaten Report


It was reported on February 24th that Yung Berg was pistol whipped and robbed, however Yung Berg responded in a video and stated that the report was untrue.

In a report, TMZ reported that Yung Berg robbed at his Los Angeles home for over $10,000 in cash and jewelry. According to Yung Berg, he was in Las Vegas during this time and at first he wasn’t going to even speak about, but he has a family that was concerned.

Instead of reporting about him getting robbed and beat, the rapper says media and blogs should be talking about his album.

Meanwhile the closest thing to a home robbery is a home invasion that occurred around 1 AM at a house party on Mulholland Drive in LA. Two males and two females are stated to have arrived at the party with handguns and robbed the party guest of their jewelry and cash. Two people where pistol-whipped out of eight victims and according to LAPD spokesperson Richard French, there were multiple witnesses and other information could not be provided.

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