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Rapper Trina Devastated Over Naked Pictures Leaked Off Her Cell Phone (Photos)


Rapper Trina naked cellphone pictures
Just recently the ‘baddest chick’ Trina lost her cell phone at a fashion show. The phone contained pictures of Trina NAKED and other photos of what looked like hives on a person’s body (believed to be her). Other photos showed her face covered in some sort of cleansing foam. She said she’d be devastated if the photos were leaked.

Trina reportedly said in an interview that she lost her phone that had some pictures of her that she didn’t “want the world to see.” Trina added that if the photos from cell phone were to get get out then she would be “devastated.”

Well over the weekend, WorldStarHipHop.com leaked the photos to the web and Trina is upset. She says she called her mother crying saying her photos and “personal” stuff should “stay personal.” The photos show Trina’s bare breasts as well as apparently her ‘vajayjay.’ There are also pictures of someone’s body parts covered with rashes and hives on their skin. Plus another photo shows Trina apparently laying up with some dude.

One of Trina’s close members of her inner circle made a hell of a statement about Trina, saying that the Baddest Chick may have leaked them herself to try to get back her boyfriend, Denver Nuggets player Kenyon Martin, whom the source says paid for everything Trina wanted before they now broke up.

Take a look at just some of rapper Trina’s apparent naked pictures and nude and racy photos leaked from her cell phone below:

Rapper Trina naked cellphone pictures Rapper Trina nude cellphone pictures Rapper Trina cellphone photos leaked
Rapper Trina cellphone pictures leaked - underwear, bra and panties

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