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Lil Wayne Set To Finally Begin His Jail Sentence: Details Of His New Routine!


Picture of rap artist Lil Wayne
Rapper Lil’ Wayne threw yet another going away party in Miami on Sunday night but this time he will finally begin his 1 year sentence for gun possession on Tuesday March 2nd. A prison guard, where Wayne will serve his time, breaks down the rapper’s new routine…

Lil Wayne will turn himself in to a New York judge tomorrow (March 2nd) and then will be hauled off to Riker’s Island for processing and booking. There Wayne will serve 8 months on his 1 year sentence depending on his behavior.

A prison guard at Rikers Island sat down with MTV to discuss Wayne’s new routine. Will the rapper adapt and overcome this new world he will be introduced to?

Wayne’s world of performing in front of millions and recording multi-platinum hits will be replaced by wakeup calls at 4 a.m., lunch at 11 and dinner at 3 p.m. and he will be treated like an inmate though he will be placed in a ‘high class’ section on the North Side of the Eric M. Taylor Center at Rikers.

According to the guard, it’s a high-class area where the rapper will be segregated from the general population. Lil Wayne will also be placed (housed) with inmates that are classified in his particular category which will allow him to be a regular inmate. According to the guard, Lil Wayne will also be able to watch TV, go into the day room and be with people within his classification.

Wayne told Rolling Stone magazine last month that he will have an iPod with tracks on it so that he can write to them, as reported on HipHopRX.com, but the guard says that an iPod is considered contraband and that he will not be able to have one in the facility.

Lil Wayne will get no preferable treatment and may have to have heightened security. In addition, a guard will accompany the rapper when he moves about to different areas.

Wishing Lil Wayne the best!

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