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Gang Starr Rapper Guru Suffers Heart Attack, In A Coma ‘Fighting For His Life’

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Picture of rapper Guru
Gang Starr affiliate rapper/producer Guru is reportedly in a coma after suffering from a heart attack over the weekend and is expected to undergo surgery.

The rapper/producer, formerly of Gang Starr, is reportedly in a coma at a New York area hospital where he’s awaiting the alleged critical surgery. Details of the incident are unclear at this time but according to his blog, Guru is “fighting for his life!”

Gang Starr was scheduled to appear on Sirius XM’s Hip-Hop Nation radio station on Sunday night to speak about Guru’s condition but it is unclear whether the group actually showed up or not.

Gang Starr helped to define the New York underground rap sound in the early ’90s until they dropped 1998′s ‘Moment of Truth’ album which is Gangstarr’s biggest selling project to date.

“You went on your little vacation, but you come back home with a bunch of skills and other things to add to the table. When we do Gang Starr it always gets more and more intense,” Guru told MTV about reuniting Gang Starr.

More details to come on this story….

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