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Kid Cudi Blames Alcohol On Attacking A Vancouver Fan!! + Photos and Footage


Photo of rapper Kid Cudi
Rapper Kid Cudi has apologized for punching a fan at a Vancouver concert back in December blaming it all on the alcohol.

Kid Cudi, who is known for the hit song ‘Day-N-Night,’ has finally apologized to the man that he punched in the face during a concert in Vancouver, Canada back in December.

Luckily for Kid Cudi, the man he punched at a concert last year isn’t pressing charges and says he has no hard feelings. The ‘punchee’ whose real name is Michael Sharpe said in a statement shortly after the incident that he is not upset with Cudi. Now that’s a loyal fan!

“I’m not upset, I’m not going to be that person. I just want to meet him and be like ‘I’m the guy you punched.’ I’m not going to press charges,” says Sharpe.

Sharpe told TMZ what went down and it went a little something like this: Someone behind Sharpe threw a wallet on stage where Cudi was performing. Cudi threw the wallet back in the crowd when Sharpe caught it, but since the wallet wasn’t his he threw it back at Cudi and that’s when Cudi leaped off stage and began punching Sharpe. Security pulled Cudi out of the crowd as Sharpe’s friends were holding him back.

Sharpe is now claiming that Cudi called him at his home last week to apologize for punching him. Sharpe says Cudi blamed it all on the alcohol baby! The punchee also said Cudi offered to fly Sharpe out to New York for an all expenses paid weekend, but hasn’t stuck to his word, but at least you can say you got punched by Kid Cudi!

Pictures of Kid Cudi punched victim Michael Sharpe

Photos of Kid Cudi punched victim Michael Sharpe

Video of Kid Cudi punching fan in Vancouver during concert

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