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Megan Fox Naked Body Double: Motorola Super Bowl Commercial Scandal (Photos)


Photo of Megan Fox in bathtub
Was it really Megan Fox in the bathtub during the 2010 Super Bowl XLIV commercial for Motorola or was it a body or thumb double?

Rumors of Megan Fox allegedly using a thumb double in a Motorola Commercial during the Super Bowl have been circulating all over the internet. Megan Fox has a known condition of her thumbs known as Brachydactyly, which literally mean’s ‘short finger’ but in the commercial, the focal point was her thumb as she used it to scroll down while operating the Motorola phone.

Photo of Megan Fox thumb

Other rumors say that Megan Fox used a body double to do the ad but if it was a body double than they must have drew on the tattoos as well or it was only a thumb double. If you notice on her right wrist, there is a tribal tattoo of two waves entwined to symbolize her love for the seas.

Possibly it is the real Megan Fox in the commercial but many believe that she must have worn a fake thumb because they look fake. What do you think? Is It Megan or Megan Fox Double?

Watch the Video: Megan Fox Naked in Bathtub Motorola Super Bowl Commercial

Photo of Megan Fox in bathtub

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