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Go Daddy Banned Again, Super Bowl XLIV 2010 Commercial Ad ‘Lola’


Go Daddy Banned Super Bowl 2010 Commercial Ad Lola
Go Daddy, home of one of the largest Internet domain registrars and web hosting companies on the internet, has managed yet again to get one of their Super Bowl commercials banned. A commercial called ‘Lola.’

This is not the first time and probably not the last time the company’s commercials have and will get banned from the Super Bowl. Go Daddy is known for it’s super sexy and provocative commercial advertisements during the Super Bowl and sexy Go Daddy girls.

Check out this previous year banned commercial from the Go Daddy company that was reportedly banned here featuring Go Daddy girl Danica Patrick:

Here’s another newer supposed banned Super Bowl commercial ad:

Now check out the 2010 banned Super Bowl commercial was to be entitled ‘Lola.’ Watch the video.

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