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Woman Claims Man Groped Her Bosom On Disney’s Tower of Terror Ride (Photos)


Disney Tower of Terror Ride
An unknown man and his friend are wanted for questioning by Anaheim police after a woman was sexually assaulted on Disney’s Tower of Terror ride.

Christina Esquivel, 31, visits a Walt Disney theme park in Anaheim, California with her 12 year-old daughter Alexus and after being strapped in to the park’s Tower of Terror ride, something strange happened. As the ride descends very rapidly and make the lights go out which makes it really dark, a man who was sitting behind Christina Esquivel allegedly took it upon himself to grope her left breast.

According to Esquivel, the lights go out, and the ride drops, and when the lights went out that’s when the man grabbed her left breast.

“I grabbed his hand and tried to shove him off of me,” Christina Esquivel stated adding that she didn’t know what to think for being in “shock” over the incident.

After the guy allegedly grabbed her breast, a man believed to be his friend could be heard laughing and clapping behind him, Esquivel said.

The ride automatically snaps pictures and is later sold to the customers so they can see the terrifying look on their faces as a keepsake. A photo of the man was taken just seconds after the incident when the lights popped back on. The photo shows Esquivel looking over at the man who was wearing a cap with his arm reaching out towards her.

Esquivel says the man reached out to say that he was sorry.

Christina Esquivel’s daughter Alexus says that those same two men were seen right before the ride whispering to one another and looking in the direction of her mother and her. Alexus says she even showed the men her mother’s engagement ring so that they could know that she’s not available.

As soon as the ride had ended, Esquivel reported it to the ride operator, who then called security who took ten minutes to arrive after the alleged incident.

Anaheim Police Sergeant Rick Martinez says that it was unfortunate that the two men got away due to the amount of time it takes to walk to certain areas of the theme park. Sergeant Martinez says they apparently both knew what they did was wrong and got away as fast as they could.

Meanwhile, police are looking for the perpetrators and potential witnesses by showing off the copy of the photo that was taken by the cameras during the ride. Anaheim Police are looking to question the men for their side of the story.

Anyone with information on the men or their identities are asked to call the Anaheim Police at (714) 765-3439

Photo of Christina Esquivel on Tower of Terror Ride - One Man Gropes Her Chest Picture of Disney Hollywood Tower of Terror

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