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Michael Vick Project Lights Up On BET; Dog Fighting Revisited Episode + Photos


Photo of Michael Vick of TV show Michael Vick Project
The BET cable network is shining some light on NFL star Michael Vick who was sentenced to 23 months in prison in 2007 for dog fighting and abusing dogs specifically pit bulls. The show’s aim is to let people in on the life of Michael Vick as he tries to rebuild his career and convince people that he is not the man everyone thinks he is.

The Michael Vick Project aired last night (Feb. 2) on BET. After keeping himself out of the lime light since being released from prison, Michael Vick, is now stepping up to shed some light on the man he once was. In a 10 part series, Michael vick document’s his life through the ‘Michael Vick Project,’ a docu-series. The first episode, in the very beginning of the documentary, narrates “Blessed with a second chance, he must once again rise above to heal his family, his community, his legacy.”

Vick says that his fall from grace was tragic and that it was all his fault.

“I’m on a mission to get it all back. Not the money and fame but to restore my family’s good name,” states Michael Vick.

In the first episode, Vick flies to his childhood home in Newport News, Va. to reminisce on the old days and how he felt when he was drafted to the NFL.

After purchasing 15 acres of land and building a house on the property, Vick says that’s when he started Bad Newz Kennels. He would fly home from Atlanta every Tuesday to fight his dogs and soon the empire grew out of control and that’s when a cousin of his was busted for marijuana and opted to turn Vick in to police for dog fighting.

Michael Vick plead guilty after denying the allegations for months. He was sentenced to 23 months in prison, as covered on HipHopRX.com.

Watch the Michael Vick Project Season 1 |101| The Confession as Michael Vick takes you back to his home, where he played football and first got started into dog fighting; learn how he signed the NFL league’s highest paid contract, lived recklessly, spent money with his fiancee Kajifa, and meet Michael Vick’s family and more.

Pictures from Michael Vick Project Season 1

Photo of Michael Vick Project Season 1 - Family Prayer Photo of Michael Vick Project - Fiancee Kajifa and Vick spend money, live lavish Photo of Michael Vick Project - Fiancee Kajifa
Photo of Michael Vick Project - Mother Photo of Michael Vick Project - housing projects where Michael Vick did dog fighting

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