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Beyonce Knowles in New Super Bowl Commercial Ad + Behind The Scenes Footage


VIZIO, electronics manufacturer of high definition t.v.s, has snagged Beyonce to star in the Super Bowl Campaign Commercial Ad which will be aired possibly all throughout the Super Bowl.

Even though Beyonce won’t be performing at the Super Bowl, she’ll be ‘gettin’ hers’ through VIZIO commercials. VIZIO is airing a total of 2 minutes during the Super Bowl. They have a 60 second spot during the fourth quarter and 2 thirty second spots during the pre-game show. The price range for a 30 sec. spot this year will be 2.5 million – 2.8 million.

The very talented diva won’t be missing out on much as she makes bank through VIZIO. I know many people will be tuning in to the game that don’t care anything about football just to see Beyonce perfect one more thing.

Here’s video of a behind the scenes look with Beyonce filming her newest commercial for Vizio, which will be aired during the Super Bowl (4th quarter).

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