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The Bachelor Vienna Girardi Caught Up In Topless Nude Photo Scandal (Pictures)


Photo of Vienna Girardi off the TV series The Bachelor
Seems that a contestant on the fourteenth season of ‘The Bachelor’ named Vienna Girardi, 23, who is being stated as one of the most hated on, posed semi-topless for a calendar wearing only a scarf covering her breasts and a hat.

According to several reports, the photo was taken for a calendar on last year which went out to friends and over 2,500 clients for a company in Florida named C.O.D. Trees, Inc. By the way, Vienna Girardi, was Ms. December. It wouldn’t be politically correct to call her Miss since she was previously married before. Right?

Yes, Vienna Girardi is being stated to have been married to Joshua William Riley in 2005 and the divorce was finalized in July of 2006. She married Riley allegedly after breaking off her engagement of four years with her high-school sweetheart who is the pastor’s son. Reportedly, her high-school sweetheart got married within one month after they broke up. As revenge she hopped off and eloped with someone which she allegedly claimed that she didn’t know.

Currently, Vienna Girardi is allegedly one of Jake Pavelka’s favorite bachelorettes, but if you’ve been watching the show you’ll come to find out that the other bachelorettes felt that she is not there for Jake, and called her spoiled, amongst other things.

Now we’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out on “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” as she’s being rumored as the winner of the show.

The Bachelor airs on Monday at 7PM CST on ABC.

Picture of Vienna Girardi off the TV series The Bachelor Photo of Vienna Girardi in a bikini at the beach Photo - TV series The Bachelor Vienna Girardi bare chest scandal photo
Photo - TV series The Bachelor Vienna Girardi before

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