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Rapper Bun B Drops New Music ‘Pants On The Ground’ (Wit Yo Gold In Yo Mouth)

Hip Hop

Photo of UGK rapper Bun B
Just when you thought General Platt’s ‘Pants On The Ground‘ couldn’t spark any more remake’s of the song, Bun B does just that. Listen to Bun B’s ‘Pants On The Ground’ remix. It’s bumpin’ like a fool.

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground/lookin’ like a fool with yo gold in ya mouth/ get em’ up, get em’ up! Bun B. sample’s General Platt’s song to the youth with a southern hip-hop theme that is actually crunk. The rebelliousness in this track aim’s to show off the Texas culture as Bun B has always consistently done properly.

‘Pants On The Ground’ was supposedly written by American Idol contestant Larry Platt, now known to the world as ‘General Platt!’ The General appeared on American Idol and sang an original song that he wrote himself entitled ‘Pants on The Ground’. The song quickly made him an instant internet sensation and sparked all type’s of remixes from artists including Bun B.

Here recently the song has come under scrutiny over who actually wrote the song. The Green Brothers of Highland Park, Michigan, are claiming that it is no coincidence that the similarities between the General’s version and their 1996 version “Back Pockets on the Floor” are the same.

Check Out Bun B’s Version ‘Pants On The Ground’ (Wit Yo Gold In Yo Mouth) mixed with General Platt’s ‘Pants On The Ground’


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