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NFL Player Eric Green Being Sued for Sodomizing Transgender WoMan?!


Photo of NFL player Eric Green
Transgendered New Yorker Angelina Mavalia is suing Eric Green, cornerback of the 49ers, for $10 million dollars. Mavalia claims that the football player sodomized and threatened her saying, ‘This never happened. You’d better not tell.’

Allegedly, Eric Green and Angelina Mavilia met when Eric was still playing for the Arizona Cardinals in early 2009 at a casino in Scottsdale, AZ. In papers filed in a Federal court in Florida, the 38 yr. old wo/man claims that the two went back to his condo where he sodomized her against her will.

Transgendered Angelina Mavalia is also suing the city claiming she was dehumanized by cops after being arrested for trespassing in a Manhattan housing complex in 2008.

Green is currently a free agent who last played with the 49ers.

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