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Beyonce Knowles Says, ‘It’s Against Her Religion to Kiss Girls’?!


Photo of Beyonce Knowles blowing a kiss
Reportedly Beyonce Knowles, 28, the wife of rapper Jay-Z is against being gay or having any gay/lesbian tendencies because it’s ‘against her religion.’

According to LGBT site Lez-BeHonest, it was discovered that the singer may have allegedly stated in the past that it is against her religion to ‘kiss girls.’ The story goes on to say that after doing some research it was reported that she stated ‘God’ gave her the permission to wear sexy clothes and to strip on stage, but not to have some lip-locking or ‘girl-on-girl’ action.

The site suggest that this is a slap in the face for the LGBT community because they support her so much and then she comes and says it’s “against her religion.”

Further on, it states that although everyone is not going to agree with being lesbian or gay, the singer should have kept her comments to herself, especially since the gay boys are the ones who taught Beyonce how to dance and step her fab up. The ending message they want to share with Beyonce, “so don’t use us and then insult us.”

Photo of Beyonce Knowles showing her cakes - rump shaking on stage

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