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Rapper Motoe Blizzid Is Suing T.I. For Copyright Infringement Over 2006 Song?!

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T.I., who is currently in a halfway house since being released from prison after a judge sentenced him to 1 yr. and 1 day for possessing an arsenal of illegal firearms, as reported on HipHopRX.com, will apparently appear in front of yet another judge for copyright infringement. Rapper Motoe Blizzid, claims that T.I.’s 2006 hit single ‘What You Know’ contained sampled portions of Filby’s 2004 song ‘Reverence.’

Rapper Nathan Filby aka Motoe Blizzid is claiming that T.I. stole samples from his song “Reverence” for T.I.’s 2006 Grammy nominated song “What You Know.” What You Know contains the “same harmonic” loop which Filby’s lawyers presented documents showing an algorithm that scientifically proved the song’s similarities.

Filby is claiming that the track Reverence was delivered to several industry people before landing in the hands of Relentless Management representatives, a company who is affiliated with T.I.

Filby is reportedly seeking a trial by jury in the hopes of receiving all profits derived from the song. The song “What You Know” was featured on T.I.’s 2006 King album.

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