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Angela Martin’s American Idol Nightmare; 1st, Father Murdered, Now Mom Missing


Picture of American Idol contestant Angela Martin
American Idol contestant, Angela Martin, 28, a native of Chicago, has had some really tough luck trying to pursue her dreams. She has won free tickets through the Fox series American Idol and each time, tragedy has struck preventing her from reaching her goal.

Right after winning the first ticket to Hollywood, Angela Martin’s father was murdered, canceling her first opportunity. With her second ticket, she was unable to go due to a traffic court summons over an outstanding ticket.

Now, tragedy has struck once more. Martin’s mother, Viola Brown Martin was reported missing after Christmas. Ms. Brown was going to visit Angela’s older sister after Christmas but she never arrived.

According to reports, Ms. Brown’s car was found on New Year’s Eve abandoned near the south Chicago suburbs of Riverdale and Dixmoor.

Angela states that they haven’t stopped looking for her mother and they haven’t heard anything; but, the show must go on.

Angela Martin has been able to maintain being a contestant on American Idol despite all of her horrific experiences. Her family continues the search while she is in Hollywood.

Anyone with information on Viola Brown Martin is asked to call Glenwood, Illinois Police or to contact 1-800-CRIME-TV.

Angela Martin American Idol Audition Video – Season 9

Photo of Missing American Idol Contestant Angela Martin mom Viola Brown Martin Photo of American Idol Contestant Angela Martin

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