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10 Yr-Old Lady GaGa Fan Accidentally Hangs Herself While Dancing To Her Songs


Photo of 10 year-old Megan Williams - Accidentally hang herself listening to Lady Gaga
A 10 year-old Lady Gaga fan accidentally hung herself while allegedly listening to the controversial Pop singer’s music. Megan Williams is stated to have been dancing when she put a dressing gown cord around her neck.

According to Daily Mail, the young U.K. schoolgirl tied the cord to a bunk bed which ended up tightening as she danced around the room resulting in her getting strangled to death.

The young girl was discovered by her 15 year-old brother who alerted his mother that she had hung herself. Her mother Lisa Williams who at first didn’t believe her son attempted to revive her from tips she had seen from an airing on television. Unfortunately 10 year-old Megan Williams, who was taken to the hospital in critical condition, later died. In the report, it states that her life support was shut-off after 24 hours.

The young girl’s mother states that this isn’t the first time that Megan and her two sister’s have played with the cord in which they tied to the bunk beds and swung from. Lisa Williams said that on one occasion she cut the cord down, and also even attempted to hide the cord in a bin which they seemed to have found.

One of Megan Williams’ sister is quoted as being heard by an inquest that she tied the gown cord to the bunk at the top and created a loop at the bottom for her leg so that she could pull herself up.

This is one of the many reasons to inform kids on the dangers of playing with cords, especially school age children.

Meanwhile, her mother states that not a day goes by without them thinking of Megan who is described as a chatterbox and really mischievous.

Megan Williams’ death was recorded as accidental.

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