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Hip Hop Artist Wale Speaks On Haiti, Charles Hamilton Diss, Whats New For 2010


Photo of Wale after Haiti Benefit Concert
After a performance on Thursday night for the Hands for Haiti benefit concert at Howard University to over 1500 at the Crampton Auditorium, hip hop artist Wale speaks with 25 Mag on a number of topics. The rapper talks about how the recent earthquake in Haiti could have happened to any of us and that this is the least that he could have done.

“This is like my third major effort supporting,” stated Wale.

The benefit concert which included performances by local Washington D.C. artists, students and alumni, managed to raise $15,000 where 100 percent of the proceeds will go toward the Haiti Relief Fund.

The rap artist also speaks on how he would like for his fans and supporters to contribute to the relief effort.

Wale says, “Just a little bit you can do. I got about 160,000 followers on Twitter. If everybody could just donate to the Red Cross, I think it would be a beautiful thing.”

Wale goes on to talk about the Charles Hamilton diss where he called him a rookie while performing on stage and adds that Charles Hamilton started it after he said something about him insisting that he just like to mess with him. “At the end of the day, I don’t have not problem with him,” says Wale.

The rapper goes on to end his interview about 2010 and what’s in store. Check out the video of Wale with 25 Mag talking about Haiti and more.

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