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Rapper Lil Wayne Has 20 New Songs Ready For Tha Carter IV Album Release

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Photo of rapper Lil Wayne and his engineer Finis White a.k.a. KY
Lil’ Wayne has completed twenty new songs for the much anticipated Carter IV (4) album release. Even with all the internet leaks, they just can’t stop Weezy’s grind.

Lil’ Wayne’s right hand man and recording engineer, Finis White (a.k.a. KY), has been a huge part of how Lil’ Wayne’s music sounds. As he told NewLilWayne.com, his job as an engineer is to understand the artists he’s working with; saying that if you have a hot song but it doesn’t sound the way it’s supposed to, it’s not going to come out sounding hot.

Every artist is different in the way they record. If the engineer can’t get with it, it throws the music off and ultimately has a bad result. KY says that in this case, Wayne produces all the songs because he has the vision of what the songs should be. All in all, Wayne has been working his a$$ off to give us these twenty new songs. We’ll just have to wait to see what his creative mind has come up with now.

Photo of Lil Wayne, aka Weezy in the StudioPhoto of rapper Lil Wayne and his engineer Finis White a.k.a. KY

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